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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Magic Of Alcohol.

Who knew that this magic brew could turn your world topsy turvy.
Who knew that it could turn yourself 180.
For what it's worth I'm totally loving it.
Thanks guys for showing me how to have a great time.

I really had a great night.
Mingle with others for the first time.
Seeing butterflies and watch the runaway.
Sharpening up my gaydar.

For the first time in my 19 over 20 life i could finally let myself off.
Eventhough I broke my favourite necklace.
Eventhough I dropped some money.
Eventhough the aftermath is not quite the delight.

I wish I could master the art of seducing and succumbing.
But hey baby step mon cherie,baby step.
Gonna give some details later.
But for now lemme deal with this writer block first.

To C,P,J,V and other strangers who I might accidentally kiss and do something stupid, I am seriously sorry for your trouble.

P said = Now i see some part of you i didn't know
C said = You were a dirty slut last night.
D said = That's the magic of alcohol
Me? = I'm not drunk!
I manage to answered all of your questions quite soberly.
Ok maybe I'm 80% drunk.

Goodbye, my friend.
4:07 PM
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    Im a 20 years old student.I love reading,art and music.Occasionally laugh and grin without reason(maybe something wrong with me there).Have that far away wondering blurry daze look (stuck with it since born).Obviously single,been trying to mingle and date around but for now some people to call friends should be suffice.If anything goes further and well-that might be fine with me.

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